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Obvious faults to look for during an open house

Your weekends have been filled with an array of inspections elegantly crammed together, so you’ll want to do all you can to start narrowing down the shortlist quickly. We’re sure by now you have developed a list of must-haves for your next home or investment property, whether it’s the number of bedrooms, the size of the property, a nice backyard for the kids, a study, a euro laundry or a mix of these. But do you know what else you should be looking for to see if a property is a solid choice?

Here, we’ll go over some of obvious faults you should be looking out for to help you avoid some nasty surprises later.

Start your search from the street

Before you set foot in the property, get to work inspecting the exterior. Getting an idea of the condition of the roof will tell you a lot about the property. The life span of a roof will depend on two factors: the material it’s made from and how well it has been maintained. You can determine this with a quick look. If the roof looks a little worse for wear, make sure and take that into consideration when making your offer. It it’s damaged, you may also want to explore this further to ensure it’s not causing further problems such as leaks.

While you’re outside, take a look at foundation, whether the land is sloping to the property and whether the gutters and drainage seem to be in good condition.

Look for signs of water damage

Take a look for staining of carpets, rotted timber as well as blistered or peeling paint. Musty smells can be a warning sign as well as the presence of mould. Water damage can wreak havoc on a home and can cost you a fortune in repairs.

Remember, water damage isn’t just from spills or flooding due to weather; it can also be pointing at pipe damage behind the walls.


Some sellers make the mistake of trying to raise the value of the property by completing some home improvement projects themselves. However, if poorly executed, it can cost you money to fix it. While some things can be purely cosmetic, other DIY projects may be cause for concern. Make sure you look at the quality of each element in the space.

Check out the electrical wiring

If you’re inspecting an older property, make sure to take a look at the electrical component of the home. Times have changed, and houses built decades ago are not equipped to handle all of the digital gadgets we have today. Old wiring will need to be brought up to today’s standards – this isn’t just to have a bunch of devices plugged in at once; it’s a safety issue.

While doing these checks yourself will give you an indication of the condition of the property, any extra knowledge you can get will work in your favour. An inspection from a professional can give you further information about a prospective home and give you a written report. 

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