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Your perfect beach escape 50 minutes from the city, Aldinga is a much-loved hotspot and one of the greatest beachside suburbs in South Australia. Located on the east coast of Fleurieu Peninsula, it’s the perfect place for families, singles, retirees or anyone that simply loves the beach.

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As well as the amazing views and wildlife, this beach is extra special as cars are permitted on parts of the sand. This combined with safe swimming options, scuba diving, snorkelling and great surf makes it the perfect spot for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

A popular spot for tourists in the summer months and for good reason, Aldinga is also a great opportunity for investors or buyers looking for a holiday home.

Make A Smart Property Investment

Of course, the best beachside home is one free from hidden costs, defects and infestations. While a property may appear perfect during those initial home inspections, it pays to do thorough research to ensure the one you are interested in is in fine shape. To make an informed, smart investment, get a professional team to inspect the property.

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections are a small expense that can save you thousands later. At Building Inspections Adelaide, we assist buyers and investors to choose a property that is right for their budget and needs. Offering a range of home inspections, we give a clear, objective view of a property that will inform your decision to buy.

From pre-purchase building and pest inspections to vendor inspections before you sell; our team are ready to provide professional services you can trust.

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Our team carries out services across Adelaide and surrounding areas, from beach to Adelaide CBD and the Hills. To enquire about property inspections in your preferred suburb, or to request a free quote, please contact us on 1300 155 688.

Report Within 6 Hours Of The Inspection

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Whether it’s the next family home, holiday house or investment, you’ll want to make sure you get what you pay for. Our building inspectors have years of experience in the building industry and know just what to look for to help you avoid unexpected costs on repairs, maintenance or pest control.

A structure may look perfect to the untrained eye but can be hiding a number of issues that you as a potential buyer would need to know. From structural defects both minor and major, to drainage issues, safety hazards and more, we’ll give you the crucial information you need to make a call on a home or investment.

While you check for size, location and style, we’ll make sure it ticks those other boxes that ensure it’s an investment that won’t cost you thousands later in unexpected repairs.

In-Depth Reports Within 6 Hours

We know buying a property can often be a quick process – especially when other buyers are interested. Often, you need to make a quick decision on whether you would like to put forward an offer or make a bid at auction. To help you make those prompt decisions, we provide our findings as soon as possible.

With each inspection, our inspectors take the time to detail their findings in a report that you receive within 6 hours of the inspection. Included in our detailed reports, you’ll find high-quality colour photographs that let you see for yourself causes for concern with the home. All of our reports are free from jargon and our team are happy to discuss our findings and recommendations with you in more detail to help you make your decision on whether you would like to proceed with the sale.

The information we provide may persuade you to look for another beachside haven, or can give you some points to take to the seller in hopes of reducing the price to account for any upgrades or repairs. Not only will this save you costs, it reduces the headaches and stress that can come from unforeseen repairs after such a big purchase.

Your next home or investment property is going to be one of the biggest purchases you make. Don’t make a decision without all of the facts. Building inspections are a small cost for great peace of mind and negotiation power when it comes time to make an offer.

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