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There are plenty of compelling reasons to purchase a property in beautiful Glenelg and the surrounding suburbs – one of Adelaide’s most popular city beach areas. From the buzzing sidewalk cafes and restaurants to the charming heritage buildings and gorgeous coast-side parks, there’s lots on offer for both young and old.

Whether to live in, or rent out, it’s important to thoroughly research any new area you’re planning to purchase a new property in. Have you evaluated your new area to learn what facilities and attractions are on offer? Is there a public school nearby? Is there access to public transport? What about local parks for dog walking or letting the kids play?

Glenelg and the surrounding suburbs offer all of this more, serving as an attractive location for potential renters and buyers alike. Access the heart of Adelaide’s CBD with ease on the tram line running up Glenelg’s main strip. Or enjoy the bounty of family friendly entertainment and activities along the foreshore while drinking in the gorgeous ocean sunset.

Once you’ve done your research and found your dream purchase in Glenelg or the norther suburbs, its pivotal to invest in a professional building inspection to ensure you’re prepared for what you’re buying into.

Gain peace of mind with a thorough building inspection

While your future apartment, unit, or house may look sound upon first inspection, there may be more problem areas than you’re aware of. Our fully-qualified building inspectors will go over your property with a fine-tooth comb to identify any hidden issues or cover ups. This includes everything from larger, structural damage, to minor defects and safety hazards.

We offer a range of building inspections to suit both buyer, seller and investor, including:

  • Building and pest
  • Pest
  • Pre-purchase
  • Vendor

All building inspections are summarised in a detailed report which you’ll receive within six hours. This document will also include meticulous photographic evidence of all identified defects, faults, damage, and pest infestations. Our building inspectors will happily sit down with you to walk you through the report and provide further clarification around their findings.

This comprehensive report will increase your bargaining power when making an offer on a property, allowing you to negotiate a lower price to account for any required repairs. For investors, you will gain a holistic view of a property’s value, or renovation potential, helping you decide whether it’s worth adding to your portfolio.

Speak to our team today to make your booking

Don’t take the risk when it comes to such an important buying decision. Contact our professional team to book one of our building inspectors today. We offer building inspections in Glenelg and the northern suburbs, as well as throughout Adelaide.

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Using the latest technology and their vast building experience, our inspectors known how defects are formed and exactly what details to look for. We place great emphasis on customer service and provide consistently high quality service, with the fastest turnaround times in Adelaide.

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