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Pre-Purchase Home And Building Inspections In Adelaide

A pre-purchase inspection takes away the risk of buying a home, thoroughly assessing the condition of a property and making you aware of any dangers or damages the property may have.

We can help you avoid later costly repairs and save you money in the long run by inspecting every part of a property to investigate areas of a house that are prone to structural damage, hidden problems and cover ups. We will identify both minor and major defects, provide a comprehensive report, and are on hand to discuss the report in detail and provide advice.

Minimise the risk before your purchase what you think will be the property of your dreams!

A pre-purchase inspection doesn’t just check for structural issues, defects and identify unsafe areas, it also gives you an opportunity to weigh up whether you feel it is worthwhile purchasing a home that is in need of repairs for a reduced cost.

Hidden repair issues can be identified in a pre-purchase inspection so that you know exactly what repairs are needed, and where, before you make a financial commitment. It is a relatively small investment for years of peace of mind and confidence that your property has been inspected thoroughly by a qualified building inspector.

Take advantage of our fast, efficient turnaround times.

Before you commit to buying your new property obtain an on the spot price from Building Inspections Adelaide. We have a maximum six-hour Inspection Report turnaround time so even those in their cooling off period can receive a professional and reliable, short notice inspection.

With inspectors working across the Adelaide region, from Glenelg to the Adelaide Hills, you will be hard-pressed to find a more widespread and efficient service in South Australia.

You can get a free quote today from one of our fully qualified inspectors to ensure your investment pays off. Don’t take the risk — make sure you know what you’re buying before you buy it!

Report within 6 hours of the inspection

Includes a fully detailed photographic report

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Using the latest technology and their vast building experience, our inspectors known how defects are formed and exactly what details to look for. We place great emphasis on customer service and provide consistently high quality service, with the fastest turnaround times in Adelaide.

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