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More than Looks and Budget: How Property Inspections Can Ensure Your Safety

While we’re sure you’ve heard how important it is to have a property checked by a professional to ensure it’s in great condition, you may not realise it affects more than just potential repair costs. When looking at a home, whether for yourself or as an investment, it’s important to ensure the one you buy provides a safe and habitable living environment for all.

Here, we’ll look at some of the ways the right inspection can ensure the safety of you and your family.

Electrical issues

Electrical faults are a common cause of house fires and are something you need to be wary of when buying a home. Old, outdated or damaged wiring can be a recipe for disaster and will require you to put up the cash to remedy the issue if you choose to buy. As well as the wiring itself, a lack of powerpoints in a property can tempt residents to over rely on extension cords and powerboards, which can quickly overburden the electrical system and cause an electrical fires.

Pool safety

In a few centimetres of water, a child can drown in just 20 seconds. While teaching children how to swim can help to prevent drowning, it’s important to ensure children are always supervised while in the water. To ensure this, Australia has regulations around pool safety which includes the use of fences around pools and spas.

While each state and territory has different regulations, there are some elements that are consistent across the board, including the need for fencing to be 1.2 metres high, gates that open outwards and close automatically, and latching devices. It’s important to ensure all regulations for your state are met to proactively protect the safety of your family and visitors.


For those looking at apartments with balconies, there are certain regulations that need to be met to ensure safety. Some of these regulations include the height of railing and balustrades, the condition of the materials and the size of any gaps in the barriers. This works to prevent falls or children accidentally getting trapped in between bars.


Asbestos was a common building material in Australia and can be found in many homes, particularly those that were built prior to 1990. Asbestos was used in many areas of a home and can pose life-threatening illness when damaged or disturbed. Learning where this material has been used in your property and what condition it is in is essential to protect the health of yourself and others. A proper asbestos check is also recommended if you plan to do any DIY projects around the home.

Mould While a little bit of mould can be found in most homes and quickly remedied, there are cases where it can negatively impact your health. Black mould isn’t always easy to spot as it isn’t always in plain view. However, it has the ability to cause respiratory problems, headaches and skin irritations. As black mould is caused by excess moisture, large amounts can be a sign of other issues too such as rising damp or leaking pipes.

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