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We ensure your peace of mind by making sure your biggest investment is safe, secure and well maintained.

We provide thorough building and pest inspections conducted by fully qualified inspectors to give you an accurate idea about the state of the property.

Buiding and Pest Inspections

At the inspection, our qualified building inspectors will start on the outside and cover all reasonably visible and accessible areas. We’ll look for defects that need addressing immediately, safety hazards that require urgent attention, major defects that require professional help, superficial defects classified as normal maintenance and anything our inspectors believe is cause for concern.

Detailed Inspection Report

Our inspection reports outline what defects were found at your property, where they’re located, why we believe they’re a problem and recommend actions to be taken. Some of these defects may include leaks, dampness, cracks, leaking showers, incomplete building works, inadequate ventilation, rust, safety hazards, decay, damage and building movement.

Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide

Pest inspections cover timber pests, such as termites and borers, and wood rot, and includes inspection of the roof exterior, roof void, under the subfloor, interior and exterior of the house, other structures, and the site itself, including drainage and fencing.

We provide comprehensive colour photographs to help customers completely understand the report and we are also on hand to explain our findings in further detail.


Report Within 6 Hours Of The Inspection

Includes a fully detailed photographic report

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