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5 Reasons why you should get a pre-purchase inspection

Among the top five issues with properties identified by professional building inspectors are structural defects, roof damage, and drainage, plumbing and ventilation problems.

With that in mind, you might think you are well enough equipped to keep a keen eye out for those potential flaws as you prepare to sign a contract on your new dream home.

But you may be overlooking five other top reasons why getting a professional building inspection done really is a good idea.

1. Structural problems

Without a doubt, identifying structural problems is the number one reason to get a pre-purchase building inspection. That’s because building inspectors are trained and experienced in identifying problems that we can’t see for ourselves.

2. Sundry structures

The house itself is the main priority, of course, but you’re also purchasing all of those sundry structures like sheds, pools and patios, and they also need to be checked.

3. An accurate repair budget

But simply identifying structural problems isn’t the only reason to get a building inspection done before signing on the dotted line. If problems with the structure and surrounding property are identified, it may strengthen your negotiating position, give you details or conditions to add into the contract, and allow you to draw up a detailed repair budget, so that the issues can be fixed without throwing up unpleasant cost surprises.

4. Unbiased opinion

Yet another great reason to get a building inspection is that, because you’ve fallen in love with your next dream home, you may be looking at it with rose-tinted glasses. Similarly, your family and friends may not feel comfortable in telling you what they really think of your choice. A building inspector is paid to tell it exactly how it is.

5. Safety

Yes, your home is a financial investment – but it’s also where you and your precious family will lay their heads at night, so it needs to be safe. A building inspection will highlight any areas that might be unsafe, including things like smoke alarms and the presence of asbestos.

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