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How to prevent mould in the home

It’s enough to make any renter or home owner panic. Mould.

More than just being unsightly, mould can devastating effects throughout a property and can even affect your health. So what causes it? And what steps can be taken to remedy or prevent it? Here we’ll cover some information you’ll need to know before tackling the issue in your home.

What causes it?

Before you can look at removing or preventing the growth of mould, you need to know how it gets there in the first place. Put simply, mould is caused by excess moisture, humidity and condensation.  Now, what causes these factors is going to vary. In some instances it may be a matter of air flow, in others it could be something more sinister, such as a leak in your wall from a burst pipe.

Step 1 – Identify the issues

The first thing you’ll need to do is complete an audit of the home. Where are the trouble areas? Is it limited to just one area of the home? Have you noticed it’s mostly near windows? This audit might take some time and it’s important to be thorough; mould can grow anywhere from walls and ceilings to carpets, clothing and behind tiles and walls. If a major leak or drainage issues are the culprit, these will need to be fixed ASAP.

While you’ll notice mould inside, it could be because of what’s happening outside. Make sure gutters and downpipes are in good condition and water is being successfully directed away from your property.

Step 2 – Get rid of the water

Mould needs moisture in order to thrive, so taking this away will go a long way in removal and prevention. Mop or soak up spills straight away. If walls and floors are damp after your shower, wipe these dry with a towel. Air dry damp clothing straight away. If there are items that can’t be dried completely, due to flooding for example, it’s best to remove these from the home.

Step 3 – Don’t forget the moisture in the air

Been cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Love those long, hot showers?  Don’t forget about those activities that can boost the level of moisture in the air. Proper ventilation is key here. Open those windows, put on the fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. Dehumidifiers can also be helpful when ventilation alone isn’t enough. If you do purchase a dehumidifier, remember to clean these regularly.

Step 4 – Remember this is a process to repeat

Mould can come back, and keeping it at bay is an ongoing battle. Regularly audit your home and keep on top of moisture levels – especially if the weather in your area is particularly humid. Keep a range of natural mould killers, such as vinegar, in the cupboard for quick use whenever required. With ongoing attention and clever prevention tactics, your home can be mould free.

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